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Bolshevism in Theory and Practice

Published 1936
Topics communism, nazism

Delivered September 10, 1936 at the Nazi Party Congress in Nurnemburg

Publisher M. Muller & Sohn
Year 1936
Language English
Collection folkscanomy_politics; folkscanomy; additional_collections


Reviewer: Jonathan Price - - April 30, 2014
Subject: Bolshevism = Jewish Communism

"Bolshevistic propaganda operates on a broad scale. Its purpose is to bring the world to destruction. In foreign countries it is mistakenly interpreted. These naive people who accept it are generally the most naive of the naive. But they exist and they have a certain effect of their own. Bolshevism in practice is something different. There it is; and you cannot deny what it does. In blood it has traced its fearful march. Its intention is to bring the whole world into its chaotic mess. It signifies the great attempt of Judaism to bring the nations under their own power."

Factual and TRUE just like the rest of Dr. Goebbels' speech and for that matter, as well as every speech I've ever read from him. Ditto Adolph Hitler. Don't be shocked, accept the truth and follow where it leads you. The National Socialists were not the evil monsters that organized Jewry and others make them out to be. That is simply projection by these Jews of the true evil committed by their murderous brethren who bullshitted the masses (pardon my Yiddish), overturned the Russian government of Czar Nicholas, and then began a reign of mass murder, starvation and terror like the world had never seen before to the tune of 60-plus million dead. The National Socialists never, ever can be accused of doing that. And don't even bring up the fake Jewish holocaust. The "extermination" of six-million (exactly, not one more or one less) Jews in "homocidal gas chambers" is a gargantuan LIE, FRAUD and MYTH founded upon scurrilous anti-German wartime and post-wartime propaganda, tortured confessions from so-called "Nazi war criminals", and countless tales from so-called "holocaust survivors" hell-bent on revenge and holocau$t reparation$. It simply did NOT happen. Being interned in a concentration or labor camp and even dying there (due to an outbreak of Typhus) is not tantamount to a "holocaust." NO WAY. At least not in normal minds.

Try reading The Hoax of The Twentieth Century by Prof. Arthur Butz for starters if you doubt my words or think I'm crazy. It's available on this site.* Believe me, you have been misled and lied to--repeatedly--regarding National Socialists, so-called "Nazis" and its leaders. Interning Jews in labor and concentration camps during the war was done because there was a manpower shortage and for security reasons--same like Japanese-Americans were locked up in concentration camps here in the US--though they never called those camps that. They were "placed" in "internment camps" for the duration of the war.

Yes, yes, I know, I'm "full of hate" and all that other bullshit. So be it. At least I'm not ignorant to what REALLY happened and what DIDN'T happen. And neither should YOU be.

Folkscanomy Politics: Political Systems, Government and Democratic Organization
by Bohlinger, Roland & Ney, Johannes -